B.A. van Doorn & Comp


B.A. van Doorn & Comp's registration as a company dates from 1831. Mr. B.A. van Doorn, whose office was located next to the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, was initially a pharmacist. He sold his pharmacy in 1850 and thereafter became involved in shareholdings and investments on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, making a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur. It was not long before friends and acquaintances joined his business. After his death, the company passed into the hands of the next generation.

In 1986, the banking part of the business was sold to Credit Suisse First Boston. In 1999, due to tighter regulatory requirements and the company's aspiration to become a professional asset management company, Mr. van Doorn — the fourth generation — sold the company's broker activities and began concentrating once again on the company's original area of expertise: managing individuals' assets.

From the start of this century, the company has experienced strong growth. Our independent mindset, solid investment policy and low costs have allowed us to develop into one of the leading independent asset managers in the Netherlands. The company is owned by the management and the family Van Doorn. Assets under management now amount to over € 1 billion, with over 300 private and institutional clients.

In early 2014, we revamped our corporate identity and website. We replaced the original signature of  Mr. B.A. van Doorn, which had been the company's trademark, with a logo derived from the Van Doorn family's coat of arms. The logo symbolises our ambition to increase the value of our clients' assets.

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